North Curve statement

We have watched today the coverage and huge interest in the statement of our fellow supporters in the North Curve.  The statement is eloquent and clear and we understand why they have felt moved to issue it at this point.  Furthermore, we totally agree with them about the absolute necessity of continuing to build a united fan movement.  It is the only way to take us out of our current malaise and to ensure we avoid, as far as is possible, ever being in this situation again.  Our entire membership will have a chance to discuss this further at our members’ meeting on the 26th and we will publicise the outcome of our discussions then.

One thought on “North Curve statement

  • Board not listening!! Will always love what Celtic are in my heart but had enough of being treated with contempt. I hope there are major changes like new board new management and new business approach. I care for Celtic but genuinely im done. A Club especially CELTIC should not treat its customers like dirt, to go away and shoosh then expect them to come back for more.


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