Staying safe doesn’t just apply to Sunday

The Celtic Trust supports the club’s position in respect of the football match to be played at Celtic park this Sunday 21 March as articulated the club’s SLO, John Paul Taylor. The club is urging supporters not to come to Celtic Park on Sunday given the serious health risks associated with mass gatherings in the current environment and Scottish government government guidelines. The SLO also reiterated there is no concern about fan behaviour and is about social responsibility during a pandemic.

The Celtic Trust is fully behind this position and supports the club in this matter and we shall inform our our members and supporters in general via our social media platforms

The Celtic Trust is also of the view that the same rationale and position applies to the SFA’s requisitioning of the club’s players for international matches to be played later this month. We do not believe that Celtic players should be travelling out with a safe bubble to play in World Cup qualifier games. The risks for our players at this time is unacceptable given the SFA’s safety safety arrangements fall outside the control and standards of Celtic FC, their employer. We ask Celtic to use any rights of veto available to them to prevent our players leaving their Celtic bubble.

In summary, we are asking for everyone connected with the club, fans, players and the club itself to take responsibility for their own safety and others so we can help get back to supporting our team at Celtic park as soon as possible.





One thought on “Staying safe doesn’t just apply to Sunday

  • Sandy milne

    Match should be called off nothing to be gained by either side by playing it .


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