Celtic PLC AGM 2022 – Voting recommendations

Celtic PLC AGM – voting recommendations 

If you are not going to attend the AGM in person, please proxy your vote to ‘Officer of the Celtic Trust’.   You can do this on the forms sent to you by Celtic PLC which will come in hard copy or by email or directly on the proxy form on the Celtic PLC website – remember to fill in your details – you can find it here:

Proxy Form

We have been asked by members and non-members alike how we intend to cast the votes associated with our ordinary shares – now standing at 140,000 – in the upcoming Celtic PLC AGM. 

We have no resolutions this year so there were no shareholder requisition forms to sign but we do intend to raise a couple of matters: 

  1. What is the view of the Directors on the introduction of a shadow board? 
  2. Will they consider implementing a ticket exchange facility for fans. 

In terms of the resolutions set out in the AGM Notice which you should have received by now, we are voting, and recommending voting, as follows: 

Ordinary Resolutions 

  1. For (To receive the accounts and auditors’ report) 
  2. Against (To reappoint Dermot Desmond) 
  3. Against (To reappoint Tom Allison)
  4. Against (To reappoint Brian Wilson)
  5. Withheld (To reappoint Christopher McKay)
  6. For (to reappoint DBPO LLP as auditors)
  7. For (To authorise the directors to determine the remuneration of the auditors)
  8. For (To grant the director’s authority to allot shares) 

Special Resolutions

9. Withheld (To grant the directors authority to disapply pre-emption rights)

 We are voting against the re-appointment of Desmond, Allison and Wilson on the grounds that they have been on the Board for far longer than is acceptable in terms of good governance.  It has long been our view that the Board is very stale, the Non-Executive Directors are no longer genuinely and meaningfully independent, and that this requires new blood and new ways of thinking. 

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