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As political chaos continues to envelope the globe only a few days into 2018, Fans Against Criminalisation continue our fight for the rights of a few in our small part of the world. Our goal for the calendar year is simple - the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.

The Stage 1 report on James Kelly MSP's repeal Bill is currently being prepared and will be voted on in Parliament on or before 26th January. We need the report to be passed at this crucial stage, in order for it to continue to Stage 2 (amendments) and finally, Stage 3 (the final parliamentary vote). The preceding consultation demonstrated that over 71% of people strongly support the bill, and the vote in Parliament on Douglas Ross MSP's motion last year showed that Parliament believes time is up on the OFBA.

However as a campaign group, as football fans, as defenders of civil liberties and as opponents of this legislation, we cannot afford to be complacent. We would therefore urge everyone to help us to ensure that this law is removed from the statute books as soon as possible, by emailing your MSPs to urge them to support the repeal Bill. Previous email campaigns have been extremely successful for our campaign - thanks to your efforts - and we hope that we can count on you to ensure that this one is equally successful.

After a 6-year struggle, victory is in sight. The fans who have been demonised are on the verge of being vindicated. Those who have been denounced as bigots are on the verge of striking a blow in the name of civil liberties. But this victory can only be achieved if we commit to finishing this fight. We can only win if we make the point loudly and clearly that we are through being harassed, that we will no longer be criminalised and that it is time for the Scottish Parliament to repeal this law once and for all.

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