About The Celtic Trust

Our Aims and Objectives

The Celtic Trust is an Industrial & Provident Society registered with the Registrar of Friendly Societies on 13 November 2000. Registration details as follows;

The constitution document was approved by a vote of the Trusts’ membership at the Trusts first Annual General Meeting on the 9th September 2000. The constitution is in effect the set of rules which will govern the management of the Trust.

A copy of the constitution is available to all members on request. The constitution is by necessity a long and detailed document. We seek to combine the voting strength of supporter shareholders and to accumulate shares in Celtic which will be held in common by the membership.

Therefore, over the long term we anticipate the Trust will build up a substantial holding of shares in Celtic Plc. Stewardship of these assets is a significant responsibility.

The founding committee of the Trust therefore felt it was imperative that the constitution be a thorough and comprehensive document which, among other things, laid down clear guidelines for the Trust committee in their pursuit of the stated objectives of the Trust.


A copy of the full constitution can be found here.

Registered Name: Celtic Supporters’ Society Limited
Comany Number: IP29147R