Drive for 5 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Drive for 5?

The Drive for Five is an Initiative to establish an alliance of Celtic shareholders that together number at least 5% of the total shareholder vote of Celtic PLC on which the Celtic Trust can call on for support. This would give us, ordinary fans, the ability to call a General Meeting.

It is 27 years since shares were offered to fans and the number of untraced shares is increasing every year. A register of all shareholders exists but this has not been kept up to date, for several reasons but mostly due to fans moving address.
Fans being disconnected from their shares has two main consequences:

  1. They are not making use of their right to vote on club matters.
  2.  Some fans (preference shareholders) have not received their due dividends.

What does The Celtic Trust hope to achieve with the Drive for 5?

We hope to connect fans who own shares to establish an alliance (or voting bloc) of shareholding supporters and increase communication between small shareholders via our new Shareholder site.
We also want to reach those who are disconnected from their shares, to provide them with support to reconnect with their shares and the benefits that come with them.


  1. Find and unite the small shareholding supporters of our club and offer support to shareholders who have become disconnected from their shares.
  2. To increase the number of fans voting in the 2022 and future AGMs (either as Trust members, by proxy or directly with their own shares).
  3. To unite as a group of fans (members and non-members of The Celtic Trust) with voting power, who want to hold the Celtic PLC board and those running our club to greater accountability.

Why 5%?

With 5%+ Shareholding we have increased Shareholder rights; including the right to call a general meeting by giving Celtic PLC at least seven days’ notice. This is a powerful right to have in negotiations and gives ordinary fans more control and say in relation to issues that affect both fans and our club. 

It would also allow a larger number of fans to unite on votes and to back fan-led resolutions that are put forward to AGM’s.

We hope to establish an alliance (or bloc) of shareholding supporters to a minimum of 5% of all votes available to shareholders not 5% of all shareholders as each shareholder holds a different number of individual shares.

Each vote that is ‘lost’ or ‘not used’ is not counted e.g. if there are 100 votes in total and 20% of people do not vote, then the percentage of votes required to ‘win’ any question or ‘resolution’ that is put to a vote is only 41% (i.e., 41 out of 80) instead of 51% (51 out of 100).

What support is available via The Celtic Trust’s Shareholder portal?

The main services we aim to provide through the new shareholder site are:

  • Assistance with lost share certificates
  • Help to re-register shares which are incorrectly registered due to the death of the original shareholder, or a change of address which has not been notified to Celtic’s Share Registrar
  • Support shareholders to reclaim dividends that may have gone unclaimed to date.
  • Communication at the time of AGMs with detail of how The Celtic Trust plan to vote, fan-led resolutions and any other relevant fan related AGM content.

There is no cost involved to register via our share portal or for the provision of any of the assistance from The Celtic Trust mentioned above. If at any time someone wishes to cancel their registration, this is done via email at with the word “REMOVE” in the subject line.

Is the Drive for 5 achievable?

Yes. Celtic PLC has around 28,000 individual shareholders and together these shareholders hold approximately 16.5 million or 17.5% of all Celtic shares.  

Every ordinary share held by a shareholder is entitled to one vote at General Meetings of Celtic Shareholders, including the Annual General Meeting. Therefore, someone with five hundred shares has five hundred votes and someone with 1,000 shares has 1,000 votes and so on.

There are no illusions as to the size of the challenge, however with effort and a collective response it is achievable. There is potential to tap into 17.5% of Celtic Shares held by ordinary individual shareholders, like you and me.

What is the Celtic Trust asking people to do?

We are asking people to register with us via our free shareholder portal so that we can communicate with more shareholders in future and assist shareholders who need support to become more engaged or reconnected with their shares.

In addition, we are asking anyone that is a shareholder to make sure they are properly registered with Celtic’s share Registrar and to use their vote at the Celtic AGM to support fan-led votes and resolutions.

We are also asking anyone who does not have shares to spread the word to other Celtic fans or shareholders they know to make sure that they are aware of the Drive for 5 and to encourage them to participate. 

Supporters can proxy* their votes as and when needed to increase the voting power of this bloc of shareholders at Celtic PLC annual general meetings (AGMs), and any other general meetings of the PLC. (*i.e., lend the Trust their vote)

How does the Celtic Trust plan to achieve 5%?

By reaching out to fans who have shares or know those who have bought shares in the past and encourage them to register for the Celtic Trust Shareholder portal at to help us build a voting bloc of a minimum 5% of the Celtic Shareholding.

Do I have to be a member of the Celtic Trust to be involved?

No, you do not have to join the Celtic Trust to take part or to receive support with your shares. However, we are always looking to welcome new members. Join us here:

Do I have to be a member of the Celtic Trust to be involved?

No, you do not have to join the Celtic Trust to take part or to receive support with your shares. However, we are always looking to welcome new members. Join us here:


How can I support the Drive for 5?

If you are a shareholder, make sure that your share details are up to date and register for updates via our shareholder portal.

Spread the word! Members of the Celtic Trust have worked hard at the shareholder portal and are keen to help as many people as possible become more engaged with their shareholding and to reconnect people with lost shares. Many of you will have friends or family who could benefit from our shareholder support, please let them know about our portal: 


What happens when you reach 5%?

 We never stop!

The drive will continue. 5% isn’t a finish line but would be the beginning of a new dynamic between supporter shareholders and the Celtic PLC board. We hope the Drive for Five will encourage more fans to use their shares to vote and amplify the voice of ordinary supporters.

Will this have any impact on the ownership of my shares?

No. There is no expectation or ask to give or sell your shares to The Celtic Trust.

You can vote in agreement with how the Celtic Trust plan to vote or proxy your vote to us; your shares will always be yours.

Proxying your vote is not a once-and-for-all process. At each AGM or EGM you will be sent information and this will include a form or link to allow you to proxy your vote if you wish. For each meeting that you proxy your vote, you remain in complete ownership whilst lending the Trust your vote for that meeting.

We will send more detailed guidance to all shareholders who sign up via our Shareholder Portal closer to the time of AGMs.


What benefit will I as a shareholder have by being part of a larger bloc?

Strength in unity.

This will give the Celtic Trust a louder voice in our discussions with Celtic PLC in all matters that relate to the fans and our club.  Our Celtic Trust trustees meet with the senior management at Celtic PLC several times a year. It is important that supporters are heard in these meetings and our concerns are relayed directly to the CEO at Celtic PLC.


If I am retaining control of my shares, how is 5% quantified? Is it a formal block or a loose gathering?

It is a loose gathering of shareholders. There is no commitment to do anything, but we hope to encourage you to vote alongside us at AGMs or general meetings.

The 5% is quantified by dividing the total number of shares in issue by 20. Currently there are around 94.4million shares in issue. Therefore, 5% of this is around 4.7million shares. We will monitor the number of shares of the shareholders that register via the Celtic Trust portal to work towards the 5% and to better understand the number of votes likely to go in favour of fan-led issues at meetings.


I am not a shareholder. How can I become involved or support the Drive For 5 campaign?

You can support the initiative by spreading the word or by considering joining the Celtic Trust to support the campaign in other ways:

The Celtic Trust is always on the lookout for volunteers, especially those who can actively be available with an enthusiasm for what the Celtic Trust is attempting to achieve. Contact us at


We are a C.S.C./Association that hold shares. Firstly, in what way can the Drive For 5 benefit us and, secondly, how can we as a group play a part?

You would be joining up to become part of an alliance of small shareholders that would have more ability to hold the Board of Directors to account.

As a group you can help to influence other Celtic supporters, groups and individuals that hold shares to join. We would greatly encourage supporters’ clubs to get involved in the initiative and help us reach those who are shareholders.


How much of our club do fans already own?

There are 28,000 individual shareholders, these are the ordinary fans of the club who likely bought shares because of their love of our club rather than for investment or money-making purposes.

At the last AGM, The Celtic Trust received 390 proxy votes. In terms of shares voted around 80.3 million shares were cast. This is around 85% of the shares that could have been cast. The vast and overwhelming majority of the 85% is in the hands of the big investors. The missing 15% is mainly, ordinary, small shareholders who, year after year, don’t use their vote to have a say.

Just over 14 million ordinary shares were not voted!

98.4% of shareholders own 17.26% of Celtic. This 98.4% equates to 27,897 shareholders and 16,296,091 shares (or votes).


When did fans buy shares in Celtic?

  • 1995 was the first Share Issue and raised by Fergus McCann.
  • 1999 Fergus McCann sold his shares (14.4 million)
  • 2005 Celtic issued a further share offer designed to raise £15 million (Lennoxtown/Youth Academy and Global recruitment network)


Is there a list of all Celtic shareholders?

There are many thousands of shareholders and Computershare and Celtic hold a database.

The following links have detailed information reference Celtic Share movement and updates.

Celtic PLC Company Home Page on the Stock Exchange.

Daily updated news on Celtic PLC and Corporate related affairs.


Why are people disconnected from their shares?

There are many reasons, though the main ones are:

  • People moving address and simply not updating Computershare with their new details.
  • Shareholders have died and their families have no knowledge that they owned shares or do not know what to do to have the share register updated.
  • General apathy and not placing importance on shareholdings (emotional investment).


Who are the main shareholders of Celtic?

The movement and ownership of shares is a fluid and continuously changes. Everyday shares are bought and sold. The link below is a live insight to the current holding and the detail below is correct as of 23/08/2022 @ 13:00.

  1. Dermot Desmond – 1 – 32,772,073 – 34.71%
  2. Christopher David Trainer – 1 – 12,555,507 – 13.30%
  3. James Mark Keane – 1 – 5,909,847 – 6.26%
  4. Lindsell Train Ltd. – 1 – 5,399,293 – 5.72%
  5. Thomas Eardley Allison – 1 – 3,357,505 – 3.56%
  6. Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA (Investment Management)- 1 – 1,105,936 – 1.17%
  7. Peter Thomas Lawwell – 356,000 – 0.38%
  8. Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd. – 288,934 – 0.31%
  9. Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers Ltd. – 1 – 231,000 – 0.24%
  10. Celtic Trust – 1 – 150,000 – 0.15%
  11. Investec Wealth & Investment Ltd. – 1 – 118,000 – 0.12% 
  12. Celtic Supporters Clubs – 43 – 94,600 – 0.10%
  • Main holders of Ordinary Shares – 54 – 62,318,695 – 66.00%
  • Individual shareholders – 27,897 – 16,296,091 – 17.26%
  • Other institutions, stockbrokers etc. – 137 – 15,474,158 – 16.39%
  • Small companies – 45 – 305,900 – 0.32%
  • Others – 207 – 26,156 – 0.03%

Total Ordinary Shares – 28,340 – 94,421,000 – 100.00%


Does Dermot Desmond own Celtic?

No. Celtic is owned by all Shareholders. Each shareholder has the right to vote on any issues the Celtic AGM, whether they have 100 shares or 1,000,000, every share has one vote.

Dermot Desmond is the majority Shareholder at Celtic and currently holds 32,772,073 shares or 34.7%

The Celtic Trust currently are 10th largest holder, with 130,000 shares. An important point to remember we are not an investment management fund. We are a ‘individual shareholder’.


If I’ve lost my Share Certificate, can I get a new one?

If you have lost your share certificate you should report this to the Celtic PLC Registrar, Computershare by calling, 0370 703 0192. Computershare will update the shareholder register and arrange for a ‘stop’ to be placed on the missing share certificate. Please check carefully before reporting your share certificate missing as there may be a charge to issue a replacement share certificate and once a share certificate has been reported as lost it cannot be reinstated if it is subsequently found. 

More information is available at:


A family member who has died owned shares, what will have happened to these?

If the value of the deceased’s estate is below certain limits, the death can be registered using the small estates procedure, which is less complex. Details of the current limits and the procedure involved can be obtained from the Registrar. 

If the shares were held solely in the name of the deceased, you should send the Celtic PLC Registrar, Computershare, an official copy of the document by which the deceased’s legal personal representative was appointed. The name of the legal personal representative will then be entered on the register. The shares can then be sold by the personal representative or transferred to the deceased’s beneficiary. 

If the deceased and another person held the shares jointly, a copy of the death certificate is required. The shares will then be registered in the name(s) of the surviving holder(s), and the relevant share certificates will be amended to reflect this. 

If you believe someone may have left you shares in Celtic plc., but have not yet received any communications regarding this, please speak to the deceased’s appointed legal representative. Neither Celtic plc. nor our Registrar, Computershare, can advise on such matters and cannot progress without instructions from the deceased’s legal representatives. 

More information is available at;


My shares are registered to the wrong / my old address, can I update these?

If you have registered with Computershare’s Investor Centre, you can amend your address and bank details online. If you are not registered, you should write to Computershare with your updated details quoting both your old and new address and your SRN.

To change your name, you will need to write to Computershare enclosing a copy of your marriage certificate or other relevant legal document. Unfortunately, this change cannot be registered online.


Have fans missed out on cash dividends?

Yes, many may have. Dividends from Celtic PLC are only paid to holders of Preference Shares, not ordinary (or voting) Shares.  

If you have not been receiving communications from Celtic, including communications relating to your dividend payments, it is likely that the contact details they hold are now out of date.

If you have registered with Computershare’s Investor Centre, you can amend your contact details online. If you are not registered, please contact Computershare to update your records. More information is available at:


How do I know if I am entitled to dividends?

Celtic PLC have not issued a dividend for holders of Convertible Preferred Ordinary (CPO) shares since 31st August 2007. If you own any Convertible Cumulative Preference (“CCP”) Shares, then you should have been receiving a fixed dividend of 3.6 pence per share (6% of the nominal value) for  every year that you have held these shares.


How many shares do the Celtic Trust own?

As of August 2022, The Celtic Trust own 130,000 ordinary shares.


Will getting in touch with the Trust for share support cost me anything?

No, the Celtic Trust is a voluntary organisation and there is no charge for our assistance. We do hope that you register via our free shareholder portal. If you are a member, you can email the Celtic Trust at at any time for assistance. We will do our best to respond withing three (3) working days and help where we can.

If you wish to become a member then please visit , register, select Regular Payment and choose to pay monthly or annually and the minimum is £5 per month.


A family member owns shares but wants to transfer them to me, can they?

Yes. Please follow these instructions:

You do not always need to use a bank or stockbroker to buy, sell or gift shares. If the buyer and seller agree between themselves, they can transfer shares ‘off market’ by using a stock transfer form. This must be sent to the Celtic PLC Registrar, Computershare, together with the share certificates. A Stock Transfer form is available on the Computershare website on the ‘Downloadable forms Section’: 

It is the responsibility of the shareholder to seek independent legal and/or financial advice in relation to the sale or transfer of shares to someone else.