Time for Change?

Published on Monday 31st January, 2011 by Celtic Trust

You will all know that much used (and abused) phrase “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” but sometimes statistics do come in handy and illustrate how people are feeling. So do you recognise/agree/disagree with some of these?


League structure

• Only 4% of fans prefer to play opponents four times per season. • 90% of fans agree that the existing league structure needs to be changed • ....with 83% preferring to play opponents twice per season • 83% of fans say there should be a pyramid structure in Scottish football • 99% of fans agree that promotion and relegation are fundamental to the Scottish league structure • Two thirds of fans favour promotion/relegation playoffs.


Football Administration

• 91% of fans would prefer one single body for professional football • 83% of fans agree that there should be a club licensing scheme with sanctions for those that do not meet the standard • Preferably this licence should include: • Financial stability of the club (supported by 91%) • Supporter involvement (74%) • Business competence of Directors (73%) • Effective youth programmes (71%) Supporter Representation • Over 70% of fans feel that they have very little influence in the way their club is run and 91% agree that they should have more influence • Fans think that the SPL (85%) and TV Channels (74%) have the greatest influence on the game followed by the SFA and individual clubs • Two thirds believe that TV channels should have less influence and over 50% also think that the SPL should also have less influence


Improving the game

Given a choice of three things which would improve Scottish football fans chose: • Lower prices • Better quality of football • Modern standing areas. These statistics gathered from a survey of 1300 people conducted via the internet, by Supporters Direct in Scotland, were presented to delegates at that organisation’s recent Annual Conference. Supporters Direct is the umbrella organisation of the Trust movement whose main aim is to increase supporter representation and influence in the football clubs at all levels of the game. Having conducted the survey Supporters Direct are about to launch a campaign called; Football Plus One-the Campaign to add the supporters voice to Scottish Football, Objective -to give fans greater influence in the running of Scottish football. The draft calendar for this campaign which is at the planning stage at the moment might look something like this: May to July 2010 Campaign team to be recruited who will plan media strategy develop the information to be used and agree a financing plan Trusts to be more widely consulted. Other supporters groups to be approached and asked to become involved.


August to December 2010

Campaign to be publicly launched and engage with fans the media and other local supporting organisations. Main aim will be to build momentum and test the size of supporter sentiment for the aims of the campaign so that those running Scottish football understand the need to positively change the way the game is run.


Post December 2010

With the campaign up and running and hopefully showing the strength of support for change the focus will be engaging with the administrators of the game and helping them make the necessary changes to improve football and make it more fan friendly. Some of the campaign issues already identified are: • Reform of the existing administration structure • League reconstruction • Club ownership • Community Clubs • Financial Fair Play As I said above, this is just at the planning stage and a lot more work needs to go to making it work So what do you think? If and when it gets up and running should we get involved in this campaign? Are there any issues not identified which we should raise and campaign on? Answers on a postcard please....! No seriously, please use our contact page to let us know what you think.


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