Appointment of the next Celtic manager

Celtic have a great opportunity to build for the future from a position of strength. Inasmuch as we are sorry to see Ange leave, and we thank him for two wonderful years at the helm, the Celtic Trust hopes that those responsible for appointing his successor are progressing the recruitment process with the diligence and rigour befitting the role. We would expect there to have been some contingency planning in anticipation of finding ourselves where we currently are and that the process is well advanced. We look forward to welcoming an appointment worthy to carry our hopes and dreams and build for the further greatness of Celtic Football Club into the future.

One thought on “Appointment of the next Celtic manager

  • william kimmet

    Breandon Rogers need to be sacked if we lose the spfl and replaced by scott Brown, Brendon has hand his chance and i dont know why we gave him a second chance


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