Celtic Trust ask for restoration of season ticket rights for the Green Brigade

The Trustees of the Celtic Trust wish to comment on the decision of Celtic PLC to withdraw, for an indefinite period, the season ticket rights of a section of the Celtic support.  From the information now available on social media, it is abundantly clear to us that this action has been motivated by the the flying of Palestinian flags at Celtic Park in protest against the continuing wholesale and indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinian civilians, including over 3000 children.  This show of anger and solidarity with the Palestinian people was supported by thousands of Celtic supporters around the stadium and not for the first time.  Why then was only one group singled out and targeted?

The facts, according to various communications from Celtic which are now freely circulating, are that the away ticket allocation for the Green Brigade was stopped because of alleged conduct issues at Feyenoord (19/9/23), Motherwell (30/9/23) and Lazio (4/10/23). The withdrawal of away tickets was not implemented for a full three weeks after the Lazio game for some reason, but we can only assume that this ‘punishment’ covered all the incidents up to that point.

After that point the only games we have had were the Atletico Madrid home game on 25/10/23 and the Hibs away game (for which this group of fans were not allocated tickets) on 28/10/23.  Further, we know that there were no Celtic travel stewards in the Hibs ground so Celtic can have no credible information about any misconduct at that ground.  And that leaves the Atletico Madrid game….

On that basis, the Trustees are concerned that the action by Celtic, given the timing, is either politically motivated or motivated by an unwillingness to stand up to UEFA. We stand with the Green Brigade in their calls to end the genocide in Gaza – as do hundreds of thousands of people across the UK and across the world – and we call on Celtic to restore the season ticket rights of the Green Brigade immediately pending refreshed and open dialogue with the Green Brigade and other supporters’ groups.

Further we ask Celtic to engage with all of the supporters’ organisations and CSCs on the issue of ‘offensive’ or ‘political’ displays with a view to representing those views to UEFA in the strongest possible terms.

30 thoughts on “Celtic Trust ask for restoration of season ticket rights for the Green Brigade

  • Don’t go to many away games now down to I’ll health . But I have been and still am a season ticket holder way back before ST where fashionable or needed . I stand squarely behind the GB not for the 1st time our board have lived up to the reputation they have among a vast vast section of the support

  • Adrian Nairn

    Collective punishment for alleged misdemeanors with no right of reply?
    The Celtic Board have no right to ban protests against GENOCIDE!
    Free Palestine! Fuck The Board! I stand with the GREEN BRIGADE!🍀

  • Graeme Sutherland

    The GB at paradise is a must for the atmosphere!

  • Sorry I disagree with this, numerous times over the years the club have tried to work with the green brigade but its all been one way and think the club are correct to implement this ban

  • Stephen Higgins

    I think most fans are with the Palestine people, and despair about the genocide going on.
    But, this group just think they are Celtic. The club was strong and loud long before this entitled bunch we’re born! Most of them have only lived through the good times. The way they treated Neil was becoming of the mob across the road! and showed how spoiled they are, yet we all we hear is sack the board, Muppets! Constant flares and provocation of other fans, threatening staff and our own fans. It was about time they were told to pull their necks in!
    We were all sick of them, well before the horrors going on in Israel and Gaza!

  • Well done to the Trust for standing up for justice and passionate Celtic fans wanting the same. History will show that our Board has misjudged this situation.

    Celtic FC was founded on charitable grounds. The decision by our Celtic Board to suspend the Green Brigade was wholly uncharitable.

    Nelson Mandela said that apartheid would never be over in the world until the Palestinians were free.

    The British state are to blame for much of what has gone on over many decades in the Middle East.

    At the same time, all of us must abhor and condemn the killing of innocent people and barbaric acts of terrorism – on all sides. And we should also feel for the Israeli hostages too.

    We have the right to protest and show solidarity to anyone facing injustice – anywhere. This was only flag waving for a country under siege and who have been oppressed and whose land has been stolen over many years.

    When will this human race and its leaders stop acting like monsters? Narcissistic men with poor skills in diplomacy.

    Peace to all good Israelis, Palestinians and peoples of the world.

  • Jim Devine

    As a member of the Trust, a season ticket holder for 30 years and a shareholder I fully support the statement from the trustees. I wish the Board was more proactive in protecting our supporters and the good name of our club and what we stand for. I remember when a previous Board fought for our right to fly a flag and on another occasion stood against the invasion by one country against another.

  • I don’t stand with either party. The Green Brigade are a law unto themselves and the Board rarely handle these things right.

    The GB, as an organisation, should be weeding out the troublemakers within their ranks who are causing them (and the club) all this grief.

    If, as some of of them claim, that there are folk on the Board out to get them, then at least the GB can weed out their troublemakers and that gives the Board no excuses. It’s their organisation so the onus is on them now.

  • Margaret Cuddihy

    Why is it OK to stand up for black lives matter, or rainbow flags but when it comes to genocide it’s a no go. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Garry Reid

    The Green Brigade are Celtic nae Green Brigade nae Celtic,time for the charlatans on the board to go not a Celt among them ,🍀

  • Hector Van Hooh

    I disagree with your assumption that it’s solely down to the Athletico game. There have been a few issues with behaviour (Fir Park, Easter Road etc.) and it seems like a Mexican stand off between both parties. I want the GB there at Celtic Park, I think everyone would agree, but there needs to be agreement that anti-socisl behaviour is knocked on the nut.

  • Stephen Hughes

    We are forgetting our roots and I find the trustees of OUR CLUB disgusting and not destroying our history.

  • Jamiu Olupitan Aminu

    When it was Ukraine solidarity, no ban no eyebrow raised. But the UK govt is taken us for granted for going against Putin while same govt abstain from ceasefire that should put a stop to the killings of Palestinians.
    No apartheid lasts forever!

  • The Celtic Board are quite right to take this stance. For too long these so called supporters have sullied the reputation of this great club. I am sure if the late Jock Stein was around he would tell them not to mix football with politics. I know that their antics have spoilt my enjoyment of match days. We now need the rangers board to take action regards their hooligan element.

  • Thanks Celtic Trust you are the ethos and know the ideology of our club Hail Hail 🇵🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🙏🍀

  • Shane Fitzgerald

    Corrupt money laundering SOBs. The same board who sold a player to the Saudis for 20 million profit only for him to be instantly released and rumored to return back in Jan on a free?? If Celtic support is not allowed to stand in solidarity with the disenfranchised everywhere then it is no longer “more than a club” but just another club. Shameful.

  • John Franks

    The Celtic board are spot on banning the GBand i hope they weed out the rest of the scoundrels. The GB are a total EMBARRASSMENT to our club.

  • Time the Green Brigade took sanctions for trashing the good reputation of Celtic and its supporters.

  • Sadly Never Thought This Would Happen.
    Of Course Being A Celtic Fan Most Of Scotland Is Against You Right Away.
    To Ban The GB Without Being Discussed Is Definitely Not Fair In Any Shape Or Form.

    The Celtic Board I firmly Believe Have Let The Celtic Support Down Especially The GB.
    Do The Decent Thing Sit Down And Talk To The GB. These Guys Do Some Amazing Work For Different Charities Their Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

    As An Auld Celt (68) Seen Some Dark Times But Also Some Awesome Times As Well.

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  • John Donald

    Politics and football should not mix footbal is excapesam you go to football to support your team and watch highly paid footballers hopefully put a show on for you you would not go to the theatre and display flags there is no place for it in football

  • Richard Edgar Hall

    That ban is a slap in the face to Celtic FC history. Shame. 🍀🇵🇸

  • Tony O'Donnell

    I am not a Celtic fan of any depth but wholeheartedly agree that demonstrative protests, like the GB have made, are required to highlight the utter injustice of this continued Israeli action on the Palestinian people of Gaza. Celtic FC will rue the day when Israel is (eventually) found to have committed genocide of innocent women and children.

  • Margaret McLaughlan

    I agree that the ban was for flying the Palestinian flag. What really got me was the assumption that the flag was representative of a “terrorist organisation”. The board should retract that part of the statement and restore season tickets to the GB for all games. I was at the game last night and the atmosphere was gone. The players felt it. St Mirren fans were the only ones making any noise for much of the game. This needs to be resolved now before it costs us the league. Free Palestine 🇪🇭

  • Seasonal tickets should be restored for the Green Brigade. Acts of international solidarity through sport against genocide, apartheid and war crimes should be recognised as positive for sporting communities. Celtic should be calling for an immediate ceasefire and proclaiming that all lives including Palestinian are valued by the soccer world. In fact this act of solidarity by Celtic would encourage me to bring my kids to your matches as a much better environment than other soccer clubs/matches .

  • A Good Fan

    We Done Without The Green Brigade For 30 Years And Still Won League Leagues And Cups

  • John Walsh

    Some people assume we are a political club. Not so. Irish politics yes. Hardly done a thing in any political way since the Good Friday agreement. We are a football club with charitable leanings but a football club all the same. I support Palestinian rights amongst many political minorities but I do not believe it belongs at any football ground. It appears to me to be virtue signalling. Nothing will change no matter what Celtic fans do. It needs government intervention. If governments can ignore millions on the street protesting the Gulf War or Austerity they can ignore a few hundred, for that is all it is, Celtic fans in a corner of Celtic Park. Stop pretending you are the conscience of a club and get back to supporting the Bhoys with the rest of us. If not the Celtic support will fill the gap, as we always have.

  • I think Celtic Trust should restore the season ticket rights for the Green Brigade. They have been a big part of the club for many years and deserve to be able to attend games.


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