Let's repeal the OBF Act

Published on Friday 23rd September, 2016 by Celtic Trust


Message from FAC

On Monday 3rd October there will be a FAC Open/Public Meeting in St Anne’s Primary School in Crownpoint Road, Glasgow G40 2RA at 7.30pm.  Fans of all clubs and non-football fans are welcome as this is an issue which affects us all.The purpose of the meeting is to bring people up to date with the campaign to have the Offensive Behaviour Act repealed and also to highlight some recent and disturbing actions by the Police Service of Scotland against FAC activists.

We have pointed out on many occasions the various ways in which this legislation has poisoned not only the relationship between fans and police but also the judicial system in terms of the collusion between police, prosecutors and politicians.  The enormous cost of enforcing this illiberal legislation also uses resources which communities desperately need for their own policing requirements.


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