Welcome to The Celtic Trust

The Officers and Trustees of the Celtic Trust have agreed, in line with the position paper published here that a relaunch of the website is essential if we are to achieve our objectives.

Good and effective communication is  a prerequisite to our being successful in that regard, and we need a website which makes it easier for two-way communication between the Trust and its members.

Our membership campaign, which is our principal objective, will begin in the next few weeks, but there are other services that we need to make available to you also.

Replacing lost share certificates, providing a channel through which members can buy or sell their own shares are just some of the services we will be bringing to the website. We will also be providing members with simple methods of transferring their proxies to the Trust in advance of the Celtic PLC AGM, and perhaps most crucial of all. we will be seeking to involve members more fully in campaigns, whilst highlighting the concerns we should be having regarding the ownership of our club. 

We want this portal to be a fully participative one which empowers, fans, shareholders, and by extension the Trust itself. 

Please add the site to your bookmarks now, and watch us grow.