If you are a Celtic Plc shareholder and have not been receiving any communications from the club in respect of your shareholding there will be several possible explanations. The most common explanation in such situations is that the shareholder has failed to notify the company of a change of address.

Most Celtic shareholders acquired Ordinary Shares and Preference shares in 1994. If you have relocated since then and not notified the registrars you will be in this category. It is now 26 years since shares were offered to fans and it has become apparent the numbers of untraced shares is growing every year. This has two direct consequences:-

1. An increasing number of shareholders are unable to have a say in the management of the club affairs and
2. Preference shareholders are unable to receive their dividends.

If you notify the club of your new address you will receive the annual report and accounts and accumulated dividends that the registrars hold on your behalf.

The most common shareholding is 500 Ordinary shares and 500 Preference shares (originally 5 and 5 shares). The combined value of these shareholders is circa £1,200. The Preference shares will have paid £414 of dividends since 1997.

If you have your original share certificates you will be able to update your details at You will need your Shareholder Reference Number which is on your share certificate as shown below.

Once you have registered you can update your details online.


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