Season Ticket Refunds

The Celtic Trust has, over the last month or so, been in discussions with the Club regarding arrangements relating to the truncation of the 2019-20 season and the implications for the value of the season ticket, as well as the arrangements for next season.

We understand that as a well-run, successful organisation, Celtic is in a better position than many clubs in Scotland to weather what will undoubtedly be a difficult economic period.  However, it is also the case that Celtic’s financial commitments are greater than most clubs and it will not be immune to the economic impact of Covid19.  On that basis, we support the club in asking those season ticket holders who can afford it, to forgo the refund of a portion of their 2019-20 season ticket price.  We are clear, as was the club in our discussions, that supporters are absolutely entitled to take the refund and it is an entirely individual decision for each supporter given the financial impact of the lockdown on many families.

The arrangements for obtaining the refund (ie having to print out a form, post it in and receive a cheque in return) have caused a great deal of disquiet among the support and we have been in discussions again with the club to suggest they change this to a more manageable and easy system.  We suggested that an email be sent to all season ticket holders with a link to an online system of application.  We also offered to post an editable version of the application form so that season ticket holders could download it, fill it and email it back.

Unfortunately, the club has informed us that they have a system which is ‘working well’ and won’t accept emailed forms.  However, in order to support those who wish to obtain a refund we are providing the link here [].

Moreover, we have been advised by the club that those unable to print out a copy of the form can have one sent to their address by emailing the club at this address: .

6 thoughts on “Season Ticket Refunds

  • Wasn’t going to take a refund on the 4 tickets I have but as one is looking to change from adult to student for a season to be told would need to relocate seat to get discounted seat I will be now taking refund for all 4 just cost the club money.

  • David Cunningham

    There is enough confusion about refunds and the usual pushing of playing the faithful through and through propaganda. You can be just as faithful by applying for a refund. People should butt out.

  • Given the current situation, I understand and except the financial implications on both sides, however I think the clubs approach to say the least has been disappointing. Personally, I am in a position to forgo a refund on the March to history,.
    I do have concerns regarding this season, in so much as having to pay full price for a season book/ books , and sitting in the house watching a tv
    I hope there will be a discussion regards this

  • Iain maclellan

    Celtic fans do I ask you not to take up the option of a refund for last season. Also if possible please take up the option of renewing your season ticket in full for the coming season as I and many others have done.

    This is now the time to make a sizeable impact with our club by supporting them with our monies so they can continue to buy fantastic players, Pay their salaries and win trophies.

    Acting as if nothing has changed and we will all be attending Celtic Park from August is the best approach to continue our growth as one of the major clubs in world football.

    Our club, a club like no other needs us more now to maintain our standing in the game.

  • Do you know if Celtic have covered where the same household can have 2 or more seasons tickets will they have to pay for multiple subscriptions?

  • Elizabeth Gallacher

    Why can’t you get the names and ref number of ST holders who want a refund and deduct it from the new season ???


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