Trust Resolutions make it on to the agenda of the 2021 Celtic PLC AGM

As many of you will now be aware from social media, the two resolutions being put forward by the Trust to the Celtic PLC AGM this year have gathered sufficient support to allow them on to the agenda.

The focus now will be on getting the vote out and organising proxy votes from those who will not be attending the AGM in person.  Information on this has already gone out in our members’ newsletter but more information will go out here very soon for the attention of all shareholders, whether they are Trust members or not.  We will explain, in detail, how to proxy your vote to us to cast in favour of the two resolutions.  When the AGM notices arrive with details of all resolutions the Trust members will take a view on them and that is how we will be advising people to vote.

In the meantime the two resolutions proposed by the Trust can be found here:

Governance Resolution (link here)

This resolution is designed to improve the governance of Celtic PLC by ensuring the independence of the Non Executive Directors and by protecting the rights of smaller shareholders.

Note of Concern (link here)

This resolution relates to a commitment given by Celtic PLC as the last AGM about the matters commonly referred to as Resolution 12/11


2 thoughts on “Trust Resolutions make it on to the agenda of the 2021 Celtic PLC AGM

  • William milligan

    Get in touch you will get my proxy

    • CST Admin

      Sorry we didn’t get back in time William but I hope you will sign up to our new Shareholders’ Portal when it is launched so that we can get back to you in good time next year.


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