Celtic PLC – recent correspondence

Following the decision by Celtic PLC not to proceed with our shares for value proposal, the Celtic Trust wrote to the PLC on 25/5/2021 to express our disappointment both at the decision and the manner in which the PLC had failed to engage with the Trust in relation to the proposal.  The PLC replied to us on 21/6/2021 just a few hours before our members’ meeting that evening.  We have now replied to the PLC and in a break with our normal practice, but in line with their request, we are publishing that correspondence here together with the related documents.  We are committed to transparency and honesty in our dealings with everyone but, most of all, with the Celtic support.

Shares offer to Executive Club members 1994

Celtic PLC Pledge to fans 23 June 2020

Outline Proposal re shares February 2021

Formal Proposal re shares March 2021

Email from Celtic PLC to Celtic Trust 21/6/2021 

Email from Celtic Trust to Celtic PLC 29/6/2021

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