New FAQs to help fans reconnect with their shares

Yesterday, Celtic PLC, unveiled on their website a comprehensive set of FAQs relating to shares and shareholders. They cover many of the different scenarios which supporter-shareholders find themselves in: lost certificates; the need to update their contact details; lack of contact from the PLC; reclaiming dividends etc.

You will find the FAQs here or search for them under Celtic PLC Investor Relations on the Celtic website.

These FAQs were proposed by the Celtic Trust who also took a lead role in developing the various questions. We were able to do that because we have been answering these kinds of questions for our supporter-shareholders for some time and have built up a good knowledge of the various kinds of questions that small shareholders ask.

Having them now on Celtic’s own website is a major step forward in encouraging people to reconnect with their shares, access any dividends and, most importantly to use their vote, preferably in cooperation with other shareholders via the Celtic Trust, to influence the policy of the Club. Only around 1200 of the 27000 individual shareholders actually use their vote and one of the main aims of the Celtic Trust over the next few years is to reach out to those individuals and encourage them to join with us to increase the influence of fans in the way that the Club we all love is run.

2 thoughts on “New FAQs to help fans reconnect with their shares

  • Joseph McCulloch

    I have lost my dad’s shares
    How can I get them

    • Hi Joseph, there is an FAQ on the Celtic website explaining what to do. Scroll down to the section “I have lost my share certificate”. Then join the Celtic Trust


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