Supporters meet with Club re ST value

On the 11th of May 2021, the main Celtic supporter organisations met with representatives of Celtic Football Club to discuss the issue of value for season tickets for 2020/21 given fans have been unable to attend matches. In attendance were representatives of the Celtic Trust, the Celtic Supporters Association, the Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters, the Green Brigade, North Curve Celtic, the Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs, Bhoys and the North American Celtic Supporters Clubs.

This was a follow-up meeting from an initial meeting which occurred between the supporters and the club in June of 2020. Celtic FC had agreed to consult with supporters on the issue of how supporter value would be guaranteed, and it was assumed this would be said consultation. The meeting was opened with a short discussion on the Celtic Trust’s share proposal, with Peter Lawwell making it clear that the club did not wish to discuss this in view of the full meeting but would instead do so with the Celtic Trust privately.As the meeting moved on, the supporter organisations expected to hear of plans, suggestions or ideas that Celtic FC had about how they might meet supporter value, so that we could all air our views on any proposal. Peter Lawwell informed the meeting Celtic FC had no proposals to share with the meeting on how they will meet supporter value.

The supporter organisations were collectively disappointed by the lack of progress, as it became apparent that this meeting would not be a consultation of the kind that the supporters had expected/assumed. Discussions continued for around 90 minutes, with little headway made. Celtic FC have confirmed that they intend to release season book renewals by the end of May.






5 thoughts on “Supporters meet with Club re ST value

  • Nothing surprises me now with this shower, clueless, get every last 1 of them, that’s ruining Celtic, out of Parkhead. A club like no other, gone forever, thanks Blue Peter.

    • Dear Celtic Trust,

      As a member and season ticket holder, what specific action do you think we fans should take now?



      • Frank, the Trustees are meeting tomorrow and there will be a members’ meeting very soon to consider our response.

  • Time for Revolution.

    We have to ramp up our opposition to this UnCeltic, soulless, corporate tory board, who treat the supporters with shameful contempt


  • Patrick Quinm

    Absolutely disgusting, fans being treated with contempt straight to our faces. Complete embarrassment!


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