The Drive for Five

The ‘Drive for Five’ per cent shareholding initiative would give Celtic Trust the ability to call general meetings and submit resolutions to the PLC board.

The Trust is actively exploring a number of proposals to boost the number of shareholders who wish to join the Trust or vote their shares in unison with it.  Here is an outline of what it is and what we want to achieve.

 The ‘Drive for Five’ initiative aims to increase the Trusts shareholding bloc of supporters to more than 5%.

  • To locate and unite the 27,897 small shareholders who already own approximately 25% of our club with a focus on eventually building a voting bloc of 5% of the Celtic shareholding.
  • To unite as a voting bloc of fans to hold the Celtic PLC board and those running our club to greater account.
  • Reach fans who have shares or know those who have bought shares in the past. Launch a Shareholder Portal to allow us to build a voting bloc of shareholders and support  shareholders who have become disconnected from their shares.
  • See an increase in the number of supporters voting with their shares in the 2022 and future AGMs.
  • Offer assistance to shareholders who want to work with us in increasing our combined power.


  • Assistance in relation to lost share certificates
  • help to re-register shares which are incorrection registered due to the death of the original shareholder, or a change of address which has not been notified to the Celtic Registrar
  • assisting shareholders to reclaim dividends that may have gone unclaimed as a consequence of the above

5 thoughts on “The Drive for Five

  • Steven Roche

    Let’s do this and bring the lazy boardroom into account

  • Joseph McInally

    If it will hold this arrogant bunch of incompetents to account, I’m up for it. You can use my shares in any vote.

  • Mr Ian McGuigan

    Anything to get this board out . You can use my shares to add support to your initiatives. Sack the Board.

  • Michael Reilly

    I am a Shareholder to which much of the above applies, very much want to be involved.

  • Michael Reilly

    How’s the drive for 5 progressing, I’m a shareholder and interested!


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